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Ann Menolly Cooke

(girl with a bloody past)

Ann Cooke
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Character's full name: Ann Menolly Cooke
Character's age: 16
Fandom of character: Clock Tower
Character background (please be as thorough as possible!):
I should first mention that almost none of this is canon, because...well, she was mostly intended to be scissor fodder, so she didn't have any actual backstory or character development. ^^;;

Ann was orphaned at the age of 6, after her parents and baby sister were killed in a freak car accident. She escaped from it with only a scratch on her head. Found by the police, she was taken to the Granite Orphanage near Ramsdaaren, Norway.

She was exceptionally quiet at first, keeping to herself among the other children, and she was labeled as a "troubled" child, not likely to be adopted. Eventually, however, the persistent cheerfulness of a girl named Laura and her friend Charlotte ("Lotte", for short) broke her of her depression. The three of them were as close as sisters, and they made a pact that if one of them was to be adopted, they wouldn't go without the other two.

Years passed in this manner, until when Ann had just turned 13, another girl named Jennifer Simpson (aged 12 at the time) came to live at the orphanage. This new, quiet arrival much reminded Ann of how she had been before befriending Laura and Lotte, and she took it upon herself to bring the girl into their group and cheer her up. The two became close quickly, and Ann became very fond of her.

Another year passed before Jennifer was adopted by an extremely wealthy man named Simon Barrows. Having made the same pact with Ann, Laura, and Lotte that Ann had made with the other two earlier, Jennifer proclaimed that she would not leave without the other three in tow. Mary, the liaison between Mr. Barrows and the orphanage (and a sort of mother-figure to the girls), was reluctant at the request, but finally was able to talk the wealthy man into adopted all four girls.

Mary led the girls to the ancient Barrows mansion, leaving them to wait in the grand foyer while she went to go retrieve their new father. The girls were inexplicably nervous; Laura and Lotte the most so, while Ann tried to break the tension with jokes. After just a little too much time had passed, Jennifer finally offered to go find Mary. She had barely left the room before she heard the other three screaming from the foyer, and she rushed back to find Ann, Laura, and Lotte all missing.

Thus began the nightmare that Ann has never quite recovered from. (And a spoiler warning, just in case!)

They were being chased by what looked to be a young boy, dressed in a schoolboy's uniform and face covered by a grotesque mask. This boy carried with him a gigantic pair of scissors, appearing to be customized hedge clippers, that he hunted the girls with.

Laura was killed almost straight away, and her body was hung in the shower in a sort of grotesque display. Lotte followed not long after, being used as a sacrifice in what can only be described as a Satanic ritual in the bowels of the mansion - an underground catacomb.

Ann and Jennifer, though separated, each came upon the horrors that the mansion held, while doing everything they could to avoid the "Scissorman's" deadly blades. They learned that Mary was in fact the wife of Simon Barrows, who married into the Barrows family specifically for the ability to bear the demonic children of their bloodline - a curse that every thirteenth generation male (Simon, in this case) avoids. In other words, Simon could have ended the Barrows family curse with himself, but Mary seduced him and continued the line.

There were two children - Bobby, the "Scissorman" that chased Ann and Jennifer through the mansion with the intention to shear them to pieces; and Dan, a hideously deformed monster living in the catacombs beneath the mansion. It's never said, but it's implied that Dan eats the bodies of Bobby's victims as a form of nourishment.

Barely surviving, Ann managed to crawl up into the long-dead clock tower of the mansion, where she met face to face with Mary. Mary had every intention of killing Ann, but Jennifer's timely entrance saved her from a grisly fate. Followed closely by Scissorman, Jennifer acted quickly and threw the switches to the clock tower, and the resulting sound of the bells clanging to life drove Bobby mad. Stumbling about and screeching, he crashed through the railing and fell to his death into the tower's massive gears. After a brief scuffle, Mary fell as well.

The two survivors were rescued by the police, who quickly came out to the secluded mansion after hearing the supposedly-dead clock tower's bells ringing. Having no place else to go, they returned to the Granite Orphanage, only to be bombarded by the media for the "real story".

Ann fared far worse than Jennifer in the aftermath. As time progressed, she became more and more unstable. Beginning to see movement in the shadows, she took to leaving all possible lights on around her, and she quickly became sleep-deprived as she couldn't calm her paranoia enough to rest. In the few hours that she did manage to sleep, she relived the night in the mansion in nightmares.

Eventually, she became so hysterical that she was labeled "mentally unstable" and committed to an asylum, where she spent the following two years.

She was released to Ryan and Melissa Cooke, a couple that had been old friends with her own parents. They took her in warmly, and with their love and understanding, Ann was finally able to begin moving past what had happened to her.

She's still apt to paranoia, and she doesn't trust people easily, but she is a genuinely kind, warm person. She tries hard to continue moving on, but she does still suffer nightmares, and her stability is flimsy at best. Still, she values friendship above all else, and once she's able to trust someone, she's the most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for.